Esperaría que no te asuste este sitio de sinceridad donde mi corazón vomita su verdad.

jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013

don't worry

Why do we have to break down to know if it's real? 
Why do we have to hurt ourselves to learn how to feel? 
Why do we learn the right way by doing the wrong? 
And why does it start to make sense when its in a song?

I know that you told me once, but would you please tell me again,
When do I kiss goodbye my troubles?
The struggle never seems to end.

Why is the truth always so painful?
Why are the lies so easy to take?
But don't worry, cause I can wait

I know there's somebody out there who knows what I mean:
Silent on the outside, but inside you scream
Trying to let it out, but it's just too much,
And then it all comes out when we're so drunk.

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